Any (automatic) way to change a component in a composite character?

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Karsten wrote:

Per each glyph, select the outline which you want to convert into a component and then choose "Contour > Convert > Selection to Component"

Which works, but...

Take the eacute glyph in a font -- say an Adobe font -- where the combining diacriticals have not been done. At a later date, the combining diacriticals are made up. If the eacute (U+00E9) is now turned into components per above, the U+00E9 character somehow remembers that the "right" component for the acute as U+00B4 rather than U+0301 (the latter being the combining diacritic).

Anyway on FontLab to get the correct accent components in these characters, aside from making them again, by hand?

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You could write a python script to do this, but you'd have to create a list of the diacritics and relative combining diacritics for the script to reference.

Jason C

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