Font used in Emmanuel Kant's essay Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment?

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I'm writing a small essay about the age of enlightenment and would like to know which fonts that are used on this page:

Note that "sapere aude!" (ninth line) is written in a different font than the rest.

Help is much appreciated!

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close to Wittenberger

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Thanks. Wittenberger is pretty close... What about "sapere aude"?

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That’s Latin (so is naturaliter majorennes), hence it is in an Antiqua, i.e. Roman. Hard to tell which, from this image.

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on a side note, this course has some good information on the enlightenment, if you're still writing the essay.

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Looking again at the blackletter, I think it is a different Fraktur than Wittenberger (based on the "s")

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