Eric Gill's Aries

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FontHaus is selling a font by GroupType called Aries, which they say is a newly discovered Gill face.

Does anyone know the story behind this face?

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Well, I wouldn't call it "newly discovered".

BTW does Aries not have a current rights holder?


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FWIW, the FontHaus/GroupType font varieties (as seen at Myfonts) are identical to a 1995 collection by Panache. I couldn't get to any actual sales site - what google found leads to a 'page not found' at FontHaus.
- Herb

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So you're saying FontHaus has pulled it but MyFonts hasn't?

See also:


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See Font Haus X-Height Magazine Vol. 4 Number 2 for story of Aries rebirth. The font says it is copyright 1995 by Panache Typography

from Font Haus:
Based in London and founded by the legendary and talented British typologist Dave Farey, Panache Typography has been a part of FontHaus since the early 90s. This great collection of period revivals and exclusive designs have always been popular. Some have ranked in our top 50 sellers every year since we first introduced the library!

But no Aries at Font Haus site that I could find.

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Here is sample published in X-Height magazine, sorry it is so wide

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Another one by Eric Gill, a good revival by Radin Pesko
Sadly, no mention of Eric Gill in the description text.

This one is probably one of the first "Custom Branding Fonts" ever.
It was done in 1905 by Eric Gill, as a font for Sign Painters for the WH Smith shops.


In Use


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But no Aries at Font Haus site that I could find.

Try harder.

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Thanks Maxim, Just typing in Aries on the site did not work

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The W H Sons lettering had also been revived as Gill Facia


Thanks for posting that image Nick

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