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I don't have any particular reason or question in this post, I'm only writing it because I find it interesting that here in the Algarve, Portugal, there exist so many signs and ads from the 70s and 80s which use the 'fancy' font Jackson MN.

In the following pictures I captured some of the places where I've seen it, but I remember at least four more, in the north of Portugal, suggesting this 'mania' was not only in one or two design shops. Personally, I have to say that I find it quite unique, although I wouldn't really use it in any of the things I do.
1. Here the font displays 'móveis' at a furniture shop:

2. Here the sign reads 'snack-bar "the caterpillar"'. If I'm not mistaking, the tréma was used instead of the quotation-marks:

3. Here is the logo of the Australian tissue company ABC:

4. Here we see a printers shop advertising:

5. A map of my hometown, which my father designed together whit a friend (the map, not the town):

6. A mistake in the above-mentioned map:
here the V was accidentally swapped with a Y, so the near-by village of Alvor is 'Alyor'. The Y and V are very similar:

7. Jackson MN was so popular, that somebody even made a crude imitation of it on the wall of the municipal market of Ferragudo:
. Sorry for putting in such large-sized images, you'll have to open them in another window.

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