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I'm studying graphic design in Norway (seccond year), currently I'm designing a magazine about Café Racers, both the history and present. I'm going for a stripped down, fast look.

I've attached a few sample pages with typography and I would very much like to get some feedback on the typography. Does the font's fit the type of magazine, is size, spacing, kerning good? etc…

Opinions on layout is also welcomed :)

- Even Dragsten

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Okay, mostly negatives to look at but that is usually the way of critiquing – doesn't mean it is all bad!

Not sure about using Gridnik along with the other typeface. Your usage of it looks good, but doesn't go with the serif (I guess it is too old fashioned, a more modern serif would work).
Body text seems fine in terms of spacing, your standfirst (article intro) is a bit too tight in terms of leading. Not sure about starting paragraphs bold and bigger, one too many things, try either/or (and take out completely). Not sure about it being fully justified either, again it is old fashioned and can look really clumsy (eg page 8).
Use apostrophes (’), not feet marks (') (page 21 headline, between 'n' and 's').

Afraid that is all I have time for, good luck!

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If you can find a better body face, pref. one with larger x-height, slightly sharper contrast (i.e. Swift, Tiempos), that would be awesome. Amazing layout! :D

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