Eskorte is a hardworking Latin-Arabic type family with an uncomplicated, regular appearance that conveys a crisp, businesslike tone. Its compact range of styles has been designed for easy use by non-designers in offices of legal and academic institutions, and corporate environments. Eskorte supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and over ninety languages using the Latin script.

The various styles were designed together, resulting in a smooth, coherent style across the family. The italics take on livelier, more fluid forms that echo the design of the Arabic, allowing them to sit perfectly together, while the extrabold adds punch to official announcements and notices.

The Arabic was designed in consultation with Titus Nemeth.
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The introductory price of Eskorte Arabic is only 68 €/font!

Andreas Stötzner's picture

This looks very impressive.

J. Tillman's picture

There is no mention of designer(s). Who did it?

hrant's picture

Yes, must be an oversight to mention Titus Nemeth but not the main designer, Elena Schneider.

BTW Eskorte also has a nice Armenian component (that I consulted on) but I assume it wasn't ready for prime-time.


Rosetta Type Foundry's picture

Indeed, it was designed by Elena Schneider! Apologies.

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