Need help identifying this San Serif with Spurs?

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Apologies if there is a proper name for this kind of typeface. (median spurs) I'm more of an illustrator than full bore type geek. We're not married to this one either, so anything similar such as a bold condensed weight would be appreciate as well.

As always, thanks!

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you can find many by searching with a keyword of "western" or even "spur". I did not locate this exact font, but if you only need the characters shown in the sample you might be able to recreate it with a basic font like Futura or Avant Garde and adding your own embellishments. one of the other regs may find the exact match for you.

edit: some things to check out:

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For the record, the exact font is Brandon Grotesque with additional median spurs. Unfortunately, I don't know any other "tuscan grotesque" like this one.

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thanks ryuk! i'm getting there :)

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