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Hello everyone! I am a new one!
can someone give me some advice ?
I am writing an academic paper about typography and mass media. This theme also includes all information about typefaces. I have aldeady read a book, by Robert Bringhurst, but I would like to go further on this issue. So I found three books, those ones:

,but I haven't choosen yet which one is more appropriate to give me more details about the uses of typefaces. Has anybody know those books?

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I do not recommend 'Just My Type.' I couldn't finish it. (Relevant review)

I haven't read 'Anatomy of a Typeface.' (But I plan to at some point.)

Of these three, 'Thinking With Type' would give you more details about the uses of typefaces. I think 'Shaping Text' is an even better introductory text.

Good luck!

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thanks a lot!

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So how is this coming along?


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