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I'm thinking about moving to Vancouver. I'm heading there in March to look for a job, and I want to set up as many interviews as possible. I don't really know too much about the city, but I feel like something is calling me there. I need to find some amazing design firms or magazines to interview at. Does anyone have any good suggestions, or things I should or shouldn't do when I go up there?

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For the magazines, you can look up 'Editor and Publisher' at most major libraries.

For the design firms, maybe get the Vancouver phone book, also at a major library. You'd be surprised at how many design firms are listed in the Yellow Pages.

There's probably an annual that lists design firms, too. Don't know.

Then rent all the good Canadian movies, so you can quote the vernacular, eh?


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I can't suggest too much, as I've only visited Vancouver once, for a few days only, and it was a long time ago, before things like a career were on my mind. I thought it was a very pretty town. But I do know a couple of people who might be willing/able to help/guide you - I'll point them here and see what happens.

In general:
In December of '92 I moved from LA to Barcelona, and I lasted about 6 months. But even so it was maybe the single best thing I've done in my life so far. I learned *so* much, including things I can feel I haven't realized yet. The main thing I'd try to convey to you is how important it is to strike a balance between being a gracious guest in your new city versus being a brash young adventurer. Too much of either and you'll never become a true citizen of you adopted environment (which however doesn't mean a perpetually nomadic lifestyle isn't an option).

Two [potentially intrusive] questions:
1. If I may ask (you certainly don't have to answer), is there a girl involved? If so, don't dream so deeply as to lose your direction, eh? Unless it's the real thing.
2. What's *really* calling you: foreign lands in general, Canada, or specifically Vancouver? Try to figure that out ASAP. And if it's the middle one, you might consider Montreal instead, especially if you're looking for something more different than Minneapolis (since Montreal is as much French as it is the American). And it's one of the *very* few truly cool cities West of the Atlantic (Toronto is supposed to be pretty cool too, and if you're not a Francophile maybe a better choice). But what am I saying? I'm sure you have a good reason to shoot for Vancouver. Did you go there recently? If so (or actually in any case) you might want to dissect your [clearly] positive experience/impression with Vancouver/Canada to see what's really going on inside you. Heart and mind, working in harmony.

Oh, one last thing: go for it.


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Well Hrant there

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this may help if you don't have a phone book near...


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Hey. *I* was in Barcelona in December of 92! All I remember was that I lived right near the "Guell" exit on the red line of the metro - where were you living?


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Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

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