empty space is occupied after successfull ligature

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Dear all,

i've done a new font with font forge in which a ligature happens -> e.g. "12" is substituted with "3".
When i test the font in Adobe indesign anything works fine, if you enter "12" you get "3" - as expected.

But when i try it in visual studio, word pad or word 2002 it get a blank space after the substituted glyph -> "3 ".
It seems to me, that windows always occpuies the space which was instantly in used by the entered origin glyphs 1 and 2.

Perhaps anyone can give me a hint, what i have to configure to fix this behaviour.

HINT: the glyphs are of course done without brackets -> "3" means 3. I used brackets to make clear, that i get
a space after the 3 -> "3 " ;-)

hope for a hint


...may the source be with you

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Is this done with the usual "liga" ligature?

What happens with the same software with common ligatures such as "fi"? Perhaps the software you are trying on simply don't understand how ligatues are supposed to work. "Visual Studio", for example, is a plain text code editor.

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It's done with standard liga.

In fact, common ligatures within other fonts i.e. Gabriola, doesn't work?!

Perhaps i have to make a specific configuration for the ligature caret? It is set to 0.0 -> Amount of ligature caret is 1.

...may the source be with you

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