what is this font?

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i just seen it, please dont mind the message lol

i just really want to know the font

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Please move to the Type ID board ("Need to know what font it is? Post it here.")

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this is "general discussion - 'anything goes' " please don't move the post, just duplicate it. "Anything goes" means "anything goes".

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Karen, good point. Although most people simply post in the wrong section (and it's good to advise them to also post in the correct section), since the crowd in the ID section is so different from the crowd in the rest of Typophile it's conceivable that somebody might post outside the ID section (or both inside and outside) to get a different kind of response.


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If "anything goes" goes, then Jared wouldn't need to tinker with spam filters ...
I usually interpret this as "anything goes that does not fit in the 'Design', 'Build', 'Release', 'Type ID Board', or 'Critique' sub-forums, and yet still related to Type".

See also I am new to this forum (and didn't bother to read the groups).

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