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I really don't know what this font is, it's part handwriting but part display, I mean, it's very close to my handwriting but like my handwriting doesn't work in large blocks of text.
it's kind of a font for the backs of photos.

please this is only my second font, I am struggling with the office copy of fontographer (is there a way to add guides? or change the guide for the decender?)

I'm still debating the kerning, my writing is very spaced out (like the alphabet sample but for the sake of convention I tightened it up and i'm not sure i like it as much.

Enough babble, on with the show:

Thanks in advance,

edited: I swear I never get the upload right

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I'd like to see more consistency in the swashes. The truly great calligraphers like Ismar David make their swashes an element that unifies the script, and in your sample they seem to clash. I'd suggest drawing out dozens of different versions of each letter and picking the ones that are the most harmonious.

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Thanks John, I was going for quite a relaxed feel but I can see how your suggestions would enhance the finished look, i'll go back into it tonight.

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