1990's - present British typeface

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Looking for a recent british typeface, preferably sans serif. Don't want to use something like Gill Sans which has been used to death, so looking for something a little different.

Any help much appreciated

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Jeremy Tankard's work would be a good place to start...


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Bliss might be a little too like Gill Sans for your taste, maybe Fenland would do. Or perhaps FS Elliot.



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Recent + British = Tankard.


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Another option is Houschka: http://www.g-type.com/houschka-pro-font.


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Yeah i've just been looking at Bliss by Tankard, very nice typeface.


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Priori Sans might also qualify as a "warped Gill Sans".

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P22 Underground Pro Set
Nice alternative characters and diamond tittles!

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I like David Quay’s Kade, but it is clearly a display face.

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What are your criteria for British? --
Country of birth of designer?
Citizenship of designer?
Residence of designer?
Where the typeface was designed?
Country of publishing foundry?
Recognizable British look or design issues addressed by the face?

Please weight these criteria according to importance.

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