Wallpaper mag: Niemeyer tribute title font?

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find out what font Wallpaper mag used for the title of their recent Oscar Niemeyer tribute.

Thanks for your help!


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Yep, Copan by Julia.
You can check it out here...

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I don't believe that Copan is available as a font, but only as raster alphabet components.

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Unlikely to be raster - maybe a set of outlines.


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Very neat! I am curious if it's available for download and use? It doesn't appear to be from Julia's site.

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Yes, definitely vector graphics. If you look at the various samples that can be found, there's both a four-line alphabet and, for smaller use, a three-line set of A to Z. Punctuation and special characters may also have both 3 and 4 line alternates.

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