Typical Point Sizes for Corprate Identities (Print)

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What's the consens on the range of type sizes for corprate identities (cards, letterhead, envelopes)? For example 7/9.5pt for copy and 18pt for logotype.

Understanding that different faces differ in size when set at the same size : )

Do those of you experienced with corporate identities generally use a Fibonacci series?

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Tim, its all about your time. In the late 60s into the late 70s they made type with no leading and kerned dog into god (super tight) then came the ulta loose revolution double line spacing and loose spacing. I'm seeing a swing towards tight spacing again, but, I hope, not tight leading. Its about content and not design, I hate to say it but its true.

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I usually alwase use 18 pt for the logo name or name of person on the business card. 10-11 pt for copy in a brochure and 7-10 for addresses..info..ect on bus cards.

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I would say it all depends upon the client and the market. I would also say that if you need general numbers your numbers seem good enough.

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