font mixing - does this work, or do I need a different sans?

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Hi, all.

I'm testing out another combination. I'd appreciate your thoughts on whether these two faces are co-existing peaceably, or are jarring your eyeballs. (Or, any other critique you'd care to lob at me. Go for it. I can take it.)

If it's the case that another sans would work where this doesn't, let me know.

(I know, I know, you're gonna ask "what's this for?" I'll tell ya later.)

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Hey, I like it!
Just the descenders on the sans are too long.

BTW, check this out:


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""what's this for?"

"""I'll tell ya later"""

Then ask me again later. It's a waste of time now.

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Client: Jazz/Blues vocalist and composer, who also does a lot of work with Funk/Rock rhythms and thick, interwoven vocal harmony.

Products: Visual identity. Logo. Business cards. Posters. Album art. Liner notes. Brochures. Bumper stickers. Newsletters. Probably even t-shirts, down the line.

Is that enough, or do you need the brand messages that we're hoping to reinforce with these typefaces? I mean, if these two faces flat-out don't work together, then describing the brand messages to you might be an unproductive use of my time. What do you see in it?

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hrant: oooo, conflict of similarity is what I see. On quick scan, I didn't see that they were two (three?) different faces.

Do you know what the faces are?

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Context is everything, much more than a short sentence on a business card and one might not even notice that the typefaces are different, one might pick up on the weight but then you might achieve the same effect using a regular and book weight of the same typeface.


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I don't know what fonts those are. But the fact that the difference doesn't jump out at you, it creeps up under you, is what I like.


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The Metro-ish sans is slightly too dark in color (eg too fat) & the x-heights could be more equal (the slight variation there is currently is distracting too much).

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So far, people aren't bothered by a stylistic mismatch -- just the proportions?

I was trying to split the difference between matching the x-height and matching the cap-height. The sans I'm trying here has an x-height that is much smaller than the serif's.

This sans I'm trying has a wide variety of weights; the serif I'm using has none. I used the one that looked a little darker b/c I thought, in this example, that it could stand for STRONG or BOLD.

But you confirm my fears: the vertical proportions are just a little bit too far off. I haven't yet found a sans in this genre that matches like I'd like; this is the closest I've gotten.

Anybody know how I can get in touch with Wolfgang Homola? The other candidate was , but I would be interested in customizations.

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Contact TypeTogether - they're very accessible people.


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Magma: nice, but flared doesn't appeal. Looking for more cross between Avenir and Metro, leaning Avenir.




But licensed, and not an amateurish hack job like I've done.

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