Advice to young typophiles who want to marry

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For young font makers, who want to marry, and also for punch-cutters, who want to undertake the risky adventure of a marriage, I uploaded a hires scan of a beautiful large-scale Renaissance woodcut-flyleaf by Hans Sachs dated 1549 and cut in a Schwabacher blackletter typeface.

Top half of flyleaf: Woodcut with this heading:
"A useful advice to those apprentices who want to marry"

Bottom half of flyleaf: Poem with this heading:
"Advice concerning three types of marriage"

The three types of marriage for punch-cutters are these:
- Firstly, marriage of a young and beautiful, but poor maiden.
- Secondly, marriage of a rich widow, who was married once.
- Thirdly, marriage of a very rich widow, who was married twice.
Guess, which type of marriage is considered by Hans Sachs as least troublesome for font-makers and punch-cutters?

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Blissfully married to #1 for 16 years now.

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Fourth type: hire Mrs Eaves…

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no respectable person with advice to offer on the subject and the temerity to offer it has ever advised a young man to marry a poor maiden.

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It has been said: the first time you marry, it’s for sex; the second time you marry, it’s for love; the third time you marry, it’s for money. This advice appears to be all number one or number three…

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The couple should be well kerned.

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