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Hi everyone. I'm looking to make a hand drawn, brush font that retains the textures and qualities of a thin ink, like a watercolour stroke. Specifically, I like the way the colour tint shifts and changes. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to approach this type of font?

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Choose your font, set the headline. In photoshop select the "type" and use the brush tool at any where between 20 and 50% opacity to apply the colors.

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Here is an example of lettering that I applied colors to in PS.

I forgot to say that the "letters" must be filled with white first! Sorry.

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I think he wants to make an actual "brushy" font. But that's still a forte of yours, so I'm sure you can help him.

The tricky part though is actually delivering a colored (or even textured) font...


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PhotoFont comes to mind. Regular font building doesn't allow tints or colors.

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Thanks for the comments. Yeah, that texture is easy enough to achieve in Photoshop, but I was wondering about building a font file that had more of a paint texture and quality.

PhotoFont and BitFonter look interesting.

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There are dozens of existing fonts with varying degrees of brushiness. They include
Aerobrush (Scriptorium)
Azuki (Jess Latham, BV Fonts)
CC Monster Mash (Comicraft)
CK Paintbrush
Flood Std (Adobe)
Mukokuseki Kitchen (Futaba)
Olivia Brush (Alan Walden)
Wet Paint (Johnathen Smith)
My own favorite is Freestyle, unfortunately created for the exclusive use of NCL.
You can find even more by using Google or Bing Images and looking for Brush Fonts.

- Herb

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Sorry I misunderstood your query!

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