Arabic in InDesign

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I'm using Mac OS X 10.2.6, and InDesign 2. I can't get InD to behave when it comes to Arabic typesetting. Does anyone know how to whip it into shape?

I've tried adding Arabic to the "input menu" that is system wide, but then that language is disabled in InD. When I copy and paste Arabic text into InD, it comes through backwards, and all characters are isolated (no connecting forms).

Lastly, Lucida Grande is the only font with Arabic support that I can get to even show up in the font menu. I haven't purchased any, but there are several other fonts that ship with Mac OS X that have Arabic support, none of which show up when installed.

Is anyone here doing Arabic typesetting? In InDesign?



PS - is there a way to disable the Command-space shortcut to switch between languages in the input menu? This is, of course, beyond annoying for designers. Zoom in ... no! switch languages!

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I think you'll need to look at this version...

Don't know if this supports Arabic layout through OpenType Layout or AAT, might be best to check with Winsoft if you're looking to use a specific exisiting font.

Cheers, Si

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Since Arabic is written right to left, you'll either need InDesign ME or something on the lines of Davkawriter for Hebrew to convert the writing to work in a left to right programme.

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I'm using InDesign ME. It uses OpenType for Arabic glyph substitution, and has a variety of options for vowel positioning (OpenType GPOS, blind positioning, its own algorithm, and user-adjustment). I'm generally very impressed with this product.

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone, this is helpful.

John: are you using InDesign ME in conjunction with any of the other ME products? or are you able to export PDFs without any problems?

And lastly, have you gotten the impression that the extended script support will be rolled into a future release of the standard InDesign, or is it too much of a niche market?


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I can export PDFs direct from InDesign ME without problem.

I can't comment on whether extended script support will be rolled into the regular InDesign. I'd like to see that happen. Since Winsoft are so far ahead of Adobe on GPOS handling, it would be great to see their code rolled into Adobe's layout engine.

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