Serif Font Pairing for Erbar?

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Hi, I'm working on a website that I really want to invoke an early Modernist feel, both in layout and typography, somewhere like 20s or 30s but without the arts and crafts movement or art deco tropes.

For the sans-serif font, I was debating between Gill Sans, Verlag, or Erbar, and I went with Erbar because licensing for Verlag is difficult for web, and Gill Sans is perhaps too common. (That being said, Joanna goes very, very well with Gill Sans)

There's not much I can find on Erbar, because anything on Erbar is just a reference to Futura.

What's a good serif font pairing for Erbar that still has a Modernist feel to it and is legible for long copies of body text? I was thinking "Candida," simply because it was also developed by Erbar, but I'm not too sure.

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Here's a sample for Candida. I'm certainly not committed to it; it's just the best pairing of which I can think... Thoughts?

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If you're considering Candida, try Egyptian 505 too.


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