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Hi everyone,
I'm working on some packaging that's rolling out through the whole of Europe and am trying to find some nice fonts. I originally used Chevalier and Samantha Italic Pro on pack but the products are headed for Russia and Poland as well, so I'm trying to find any nice alternatives. Does anyone know of any nice cyrillic and diacritic fonts out there? I've looked on Paratype and spoken to people at Monotype and Linotype but thought someone out there in typo land might know of something. I'd appreciate any help.


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What visual voice should the type you’re after speak? Here’s one that would be suitable for packaging design.

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Mantika would indeed be a great choice.

Finding something similar to Samantha that supports Cyrillic shouldn't be too hard. But Chevalier is probably a harder nut to crack... If you have enough time (and a decent budget :-) consider commissioning a custom extension. There are many people on Typophile who can do that sort of thing for you (hopefully they'll chime in) including Jürgen, and yours truly: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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These guys offer a whole bunch of nice cyrillic typefaces.

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