Elementary typeface

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Not sure if it's a face that's been altered for the title of the show, but any help would be appreciated


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At first glance it appears to be based on Gill Sans or Johnston, with steeper angles on the diagonals.

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Although this looks like it might have been customised in some details titles these days are often straight use of a commercial font so I wouldn’t rule that out. This does look familiar to me, I can’t pin it down so it may just be a resemblance to something I know.

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Some more: Circe, Steagal, Agenda
Reminds me also another font, used to be very popular 5 years ago, some sort of geometric sans with "some (slab) serifs", something like Empirical... Can't remember it...

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If it is an actual font (as opposed to a manipulated rendering) it seems likely to be plagiarized, so do be careful.


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