Sketches for an Upcoming release

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A while ago I released a typeface based on Unicorns, which found it's way into some weird places I never expected (think about yearbooks for heavily Christian school communities) Of course you can still find the font, including the horn-less sans and rainbow numerals here.

Now I was thinking: What could improve this? I actually was thinking of a new series of Unicorns since the last one wasn't that well-drawn. But there had to be more! So I thought: What could be better than Unicorns with Pegasus wings?

Now I'm slowly finishing all the caps now, which will still require some work. I won't be vectorizing them, but they will of course need a good cleanup. They are meant as initials, but they should of course work just as well when placed next to each other.

Bitmaps aside, are there any good ways to implement these? I'm afraid I will be stuck with placable psd's (or transperant png's), making my main target group (sadly MS Word users) (almost) unable to use them.

Idea's would be welcome!

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Yep, I know of Photofont, but it's already quite designer focused, which makes it not much different (for my use) than making a very good aligned PSD which people just can copy/paste (seeing it will mostly be used for initials and not full texts)

The issue is that about 75% of the users will stick to basic text editors such as MS word which doesn't offer a lot of possibilities. I guess the best solution is to let the user place the high-res images and then hope for the best, I just want to make it as easy to use as possible.

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Google for Alphabet Clipart to see how others make such graphics available.

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With some judicious simplification you should actually be able to make an outline font of those.


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The clipart is a good one! I forgot how Word used to handle it, will try out on a copy sometime.

And yeah, it's easy to vectorize and make a font out of the drawings, that's what I did previous time. But I'm quite fond of the 'drawn charm', it breaks a bit from the wingless version.

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One thing you can do is separate it into layers, so one layer can be set in gray.


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Yeah, I will probably look into that a bit later, They will require some downsampling for the planned silkscreens anyway. Vectorization will have to wait anyway since another project is draining all my Bezier-energy.

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Maybe you should talk to a developer. It might not make sense to create a plugin for every possible application, but a small standalone tool that generates words or sentences with proper spacing as one image file would make it useful for more than professionals. This could also be done for web, btw.

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