Looking for a a typeface that is similar to this

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Does anyone know of a similar typeface to Neighborhood (images below) available for purchase? Neighborhood is licensed under creative commons and is not available for commercial use.

Preferably something with a double-storey g as in the examples

Help please!
Ryan Honeyball

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Have you asked the author about commercial licensing?

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Would Dalton Maag's Aller do the job for you?

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Before you resort to an alternative (especially a free one that everybody and their mother has) follow Justin's lead - the chances are in your favor.


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It doesn't have a double-storey g but you might find my soon-to-be-launched typeface useful. It will be available in both sharp and rounded versions.

Here's a preview:

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Thanks for the responses everyone!

I have asked the author, but he hasn't responded. First prize would be a positive response, but unfortunately the deadline is looming, so not sure I can wait much longer.

bartd: The way the bowls and stems in the lower-case connect is something that has never seemed quite right to me.

hrant: I totally agree. I'd rather not have something that's too common. I was looking at Replica but it's quite pricey. (I'm in South Africa and the conversion rate is harsh)

satya: That is really beautiful, when is the release date?

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Ryan, It's scheduled to be launched at the end of this month.

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