Contemporary Bodoni

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Hi, need some help in identifying this typeface. From what I understand it is of Bodoni origins but would be great to identify which designer and foundry created it.

Many thanks

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Do you have reason to believe that it's a font rather than a drawn alphabet? What's the source of the image you posted? Personally, I think it looks like an ugly hodge podge of elements of Broadway-like characters, slanted avant-garde, and total blackouts.
- Herb

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It's from this source –

Tried getting in contact with the original author but with no luck. I appreciate it's not to everyones taste and needs development but it sits nicely for a current logotype project.

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Managed to find it in the end, it's by Steve Buffoni —

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If you need some in the same vein but available to download/purchase: NewModern, Zarif, Accent, Typometry, MG Moon, Fabrizio, Otto

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