Can I align numerals in Freight Sans

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Can anyone help here? I'm trying to persuade a client to use Freight Sans which I believe fits better with their brand, however they've got hung up on the non-aligning numerals and I can't seem to find an easy way to set them aligned in our print. Maybe it's not possible... if that's the case, does anyone have a work around or any ideas to help sell them back to the client?!

Any thought appreciated.


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Indeed it has lining and oldstyle numerals:

If you're in InDesign, go to Character menu > OpenType > Tabular Lining.

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I think I must have a different version as the Tabular Lining option has a bracket around it. Is there a particular version of Freight Sans which allows this?

Thanks for your quick reply.

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You licensed this from Phil's Fonts.

The options are the Pro version, with small caps and alternate figures integrated as OpenType features, or the plain version, with oldstyle figures as default, and lining figures in a separate small caps font.

I would suggest you either “upgrade” by licensing the Small Caps version to add to what you already have, or license the OpenType version; perhaps the distributor will give you a discount on this.


This customer service is provided by a disinterested party at no charge, but really you should be contacting the distributor from whom you licensed the font, or the foundry that made it. Why didn’t you do that, rather than asking at Typophile?

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I'm guessing the font hasn't been purchased [yet].
Maybe rendering grabs are being used.


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Actually, what offends me is the stupidity of the question. Of course you can choose tabular or lining figures so why are you bothering us?

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Wow. If there's anything offensive here it's the needless rudeness. Asking about something you don't know is not stupid: learning new things is how people get smarter. Why bother commenting if you're just going to be antagonistic?

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You Don't Know Joe.™

Hugo, don't mind him.


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I've had some very nice interactions with Darden studio. If you've already licensed one version, send them an email. Good people.

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