Zapf Chancery T-Shirt--anyone know where to buy?

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OK--this is off the wall--but at a design conference I saw someone wearing a "I partied last night with Zapf Chancery" shirt that would be a great gift.

Stupid, yes--but you'd have to know them.

Anyway, figure this is a 1-in-1000 shot to see if anyone knows where this shirt comes from. But if anyone would know--wouldn't it be the typophile forum?

Thanks for tolerating my (idiotic?) request...

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i'd rather party with Zapf Chancery instead of Paris Hilton anyway!

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Linotype was selling shirts in Uniglo (japanese gap like store) in Wimbledon London with its fonts on them for a retro look. I don't remember seeing them in Zapf Chancery but it's very likely.

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