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Is there a way to keep unicode when I append a glyph? I drew a roman font and all unicode and naming work well. Now I want to draw the italic one. So, I start from an italic vbf file I've already drew as a basic file and I want to import the new glyph I've inserted in the roman one. When I import it I lost the unicode name. Is some typophile user has a solution to append a glyph without lost the unicode number? I hope the problem description is clear enough.

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I forgot to mention that I use Fontlab.

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How are you "importing" the glyph? I either copy and paste or drag and drop. with no problem.

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In the glyphs window I copy from the file source and I append glyph in the glyphs window target. The glyph copied is imported without the unicode name. I will try your suggestion. Thanks

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I write form home & work at work, so I may get this backwards...

For Fontlab: if your target file is set to Unicode, and your copy (from file) is set to Names, then if you copy and paste to the correct Unicode position in the target file, everything works fine.

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@Charles: Thanks for your answer, your suggestion works fine!

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Other suggestion I got from a Typedrawers member is to use the “Merge fonts” button. Works fine too.

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