Asia Global Energy Review: A $14 Trillion Extortion for a Global Warming Scam

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The latest megalomaniacal threat from the financial globalists wants to saddle the world economy with a cost of trillions of dollars that benefits favorite corporatists. The phony global warming cult has a core purpose. Their objective is to drive down the standard of living for non-elites and prevent the use of fossil fuel energy. The fallacious science used to create a disinformation scare for politically unsophisticated “True Believers” is a direct result of transnational money manipulators. The Davos crowd sponsors the educational and media institutions that trump up junk research and manufacture idealistic solutions.

scary, isn't it?

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The consensus of the world scientific community is not junk science; junk science is that which differs from the consensus of recognized competent researchers.

It is trivially possible to avoid the bad consequences for people living in tropical Third World countries of global warming without reducing energy consumption.

Nuclear power can provide us with electricity to meet all our needs dependably for hundreds of years; unlike fusion power, thorium breeders are already practical.

Electricity can heat our homes. What about our cars?

Electrolysis can make hydrogen from water, but it's not so easy to make carbon from carbon dioxide. Fortunately, hydrogen can be used with carbon dioxide as an input to the Sabatier process, the outputs of which can be used as the inputs of the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Fischer-Tropsch: it's not just for making motor fuel out of coal any more.

So, there you are: total carbon neutrality, with no need to run out and buy new cars.

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... The phony global warming cult ..

... scary, isn't it?

Such a level of denial is indeed extremely scary. Is this post sponsored by BP Oil, or something, or is this guy just your average Conspiracy Theory Nutcase?

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Sounds ridiculous, you clearly know nothing about the topic, what is this some kind of a joke, or maybe you just gathered information from different site and copied it huh? You know so little about scams and how it really works. Actually the things you provided are common knowledge not worth blogging.

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I couldn’t care less if it's unfair or what. People like me just want a steady job to feed his family everyday. we have no time thinking over some stuff which we cannot resolve when we have problems on our own. After you explain how this will benefit me, maybe I'll give it a second thought.

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OP's blather does not benefit you unless you know how to make money out of tinfoil hats.

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OK... seems "Tin Foil Hat" is quite available as a font/face name.

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City approves project to turn organic waste into energy to heat homes

Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway announced at a press conference Thursday the city's approval of a plan to convert organic waste and wastewater from schools and as many as 100,000 homes into a biogas that is mostly methane, which is already being used to power thousands of homes in the city.

Organice waste from schools and homes, such as old fruits and vegetables, will be converted to house-heating energy through a program introduced by the city on Thursday.

The city's new scheme for getting rid of food waste is a gas, gas, gas.

It works like this: Collect banana peels, apple cores and other organic waste from city public schools and haul them to the Waste Management garbage treatment facility in Williamsburg to be turned into a soupy bio-slurry.

Ship that to the nearby Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint and mix it with wastewater sludge to create a biogas that is mostly methane, the main component of natural gas.

Read more

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And speaking of recycling ... all I got from that link was that Steven Segal may run for Arizona governor!!

Get 'er done!

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Wonder what he'll cook up there...

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Renewable energy - Rueing the waves

Britain is a world leader at something rather dubious

SINCE October sightseers on the hills above Edinburgh have gawped at a brand new landmark. Across the Firth of Forth, on a test site, stands the biggest wind turbine in Britain. The tips of its blades rise 196m above sea level. Its rotor sweeps an area twice as large as the London Eye. This monster and others like it are bound for the North Sea—part of the biggest and most ambitious offshore wind programme in the world.
Britain gets more electricity from offshore wind farms than all other countries combined. In 2012 it added nearly five times more offshore capacity than Belgium, the next keenest nation, and ten times more than Germany. Its waters already contain more than 1,000 turbines, and the government thinks capacity could triple in six years. Boosters think Britain a global pioneer. Critics say ministers are flogging a costly boondoggle.

Two things explain Britain’s enthusiasm for offshore wind turbines. First, the country is committed by European law to generate about 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, up from about 13% now. Nuclear energy does not count and Britain is well behind on solar power, which means lots more wind turbines and biomass plants (mostly wood-burning power stations) will be required.

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"OK... seems "Tin Foil Hat" is quite available as a font/face name."

Thank you, Té Rowan for wedging type into the discussion.


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I don't know about all the environmental arguments, but to illustrate how times have changed, my great-grandfather was a coal miner in West Virginia near Cabin Creek. My grandfather (born 1895) started working in the coal mines with his dad during summer vacations when he was in grade school. Grade school! He quit around age 13 when he found his cousin (same age) dead in the mine, killed by a falling slab of coal.

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