Type 3 Fonts in Mac OS X

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As far as I know type 3 fonts have till now been supported by unix based operating systems only. Since Mac OS X is one, does anyone know if type 3 has been implemented in Mac OS X

As you all know type 3 supports shades and graduated fills. Basically, it uses the whole language of Postscript

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I haven't tried it myself, but reportedly, OS X does not support Type 3 fonts at all, at the system level. (At least, some of Adobe's documentation says so.)

Previous versions of Mac OS supported Type 3 fonts to some degree. They were not WYSIWYG because ATM couldn't render them for the screen - so the OS relied on scaled bitmaps from the font suitcase for screen display. This also meant that the fonts would only print properly to a PostScript device - otherwise you'd just get low-res bitmaps.


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Mikhail asks, "Are type 3 fonts supported in OS X?"

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