Switching to OSX

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Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, and I suppose I can't really be bothered to look. But... the newest version of Suitcase, that is Suitcase XI, seems a bit peppier. Hmm. Is that a word? I must also add that the new keyword option is the coolest. I am now implementing the Vox-Wardle system into my own little world. hehe! =D

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Yes, I've had problems with previewing as well. It came down to conflicts with different typefaces. I haven't had the unexpected quits, yet, but then I just let it load my old database from the previous Suitcase. As for adding too many, you probably have a much larger library than I do Grant so what you say could very well need to be sent to the programmers at Suitcase. I've noticed, in general, that in some ways the fonts programs aren't written for MASSIVE libraries.

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I've had some firsthand experience with Font Book in the
last few days and I can tell you that it is an adequate font
manager and an excellent font viewer. One feature it does
not include is auto-activation. If you need that capability,
as I do, I'm afraid FontAgent Pro is still the best bet.

But it does make sense that Apple wouldn't equip Font Book
with an advanced feature set, otherwise it might effectively
force third-party developers from that arena.

And yes, OS X 10.3 is faster. But Expos

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Text moves how? If you can be more specific I might be able
to pinpoint the issue.

I've been using InDesign for over a year now and I see no
reason to ever use Quark again other than to open complex
files created in Quark. At its current version, InD does
everything Quark does, and usually better.

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