Does anyone know what any of these fonts are??

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Can you identify any of the fonts in these 3 pictures?

In particular the fonts in 'Type Identify No.2'?



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Hi Yael,

#1 looks like Brushstroke Plain free font by Kevin Willis (1992)
Note though that there is another quite similar font called Pennello Becker (Copyright 1999 Data Becker) so, I 'm not sure if Brushstroke Plain is the actual original design.

#2 must be a handwritten font called Maria but I have no more data about it (Designer, Foundry, License etc) and I have not found any legitimate source to acquire it, therefore I advise to check twice and be extra careful if you want to license/use the font in any commercial project.


I found them using Find my Font -

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I strongly suspect that both Brushstroke Plain and Pennello Becker are not legitimate free fonts. I would avoid using/recommending them (especially the latter) without further research.

Fivos, thanks for the caution on #2.


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Brushstroke Plain TOP
Pennello Becker BOTTOM

Since Pennello Becker is older, what reason is there to suspect it's "not a legitimate free font"? Show me an older font that it's based on. I like Brushstroke better, but Pennello has more glyphs.

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Strange. I guess Pennello Becker is a scan & trace of a printout (or rendering) of Brushstroke Plain. But also, I could swear I've seen the latter as a commercial font.


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One does not look like a scan of the other. With a scan there would be exact duplicate letters or strokes someplace. Clearly, Pennello Becker could be derivative of Brushstroke as it appears far muddier in comparison.

It also seems that Brushstroke Plain is nicely drawn which gives weight to it being an original or at least a legitimate font. Whether it's "free" or not ...

ps. Don't trust anything written in a font. I predate all my fonts to get "prior art".

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Actually tracing a scan of something with intricate features like Brushstroke Plain typically results in stuff like Pennello Becker.


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Thanks for the help everyone!

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Here we go again ...

Brushstroke Plain (which I have as Brushstroke Medium) is a 1992 digital recreation of Stop A by Walter Honisch, 1939. Separately, I have in my notes that Mark Simonson confirmed this as, "an old metal font called Stop." I can't find the post to verify this, though. Mark?

Again, Hrant, your "strongly suspect" is based upon ignorance and a highly dysfunctional gut feeling.

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No, I think you're too cavalier with designer's rights. It's telling that you apparently have nothing to say about Pennello Becker... Not to mention your silence in this thread:

Are you sure that Stop is in the public domain? If you're not sure, then be more cautious.


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If you're not sure, then be more cautious.

Cuts both ways.

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Which is why I'm being tentative. See Fivos's #2 above for similar due caution. Remember, it's not like there's a shortage of [free] fonts, and choosing "just the right font" isn't exactly saving lives here. It's better to avoid potentially harming a designers instead.

Also, don't sidestep talking about Pennello Becker.


I believe all this resistance to exercising due caution is mostly coming from one place: people addicted to IDing fonts don't want morality cramping their lifestyle.


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