What font is this? ANything similar?

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I have been looking all over this place for a font that matches this picture. Any similar fonts or any idea what font it is?

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I would think that it was custom, or modified based on another font. The most similar I could find are:

Mildred Fancy
Gf Script No 5

These are obviously not the same fonts, but hopefully will help a little.

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Those aren't similar, but I'm gonna try and replicate that font.

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considering you're talking about Nike here, i'd very much doubt it is something commercial. i've seen a version of the logo you provided in flat form, like a ribbon or folded piece of paper. betting heavily that they did some major modifications starting with a basic font and trailing the characters together.

edit: so my suggestion would be, strip out the connections and get down to the base letters.

re-edit: not that i'd suggest you forge the logo. i'm hoping you just want a similar effect.

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Can't agree more with defiantone. Most probably a custom lettering to me. Anyway, reminds me of this previous discussion about an old Nike logo.

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yes, I want something similar, but I am clueless on typography design.
I found this- look at the bottom font "you know and a day", it looks similar but can't ID it.

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thank you defiantone!

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