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hello again. Fascinated by the dilletante way of some applications. I started a documentation of these adhesive letters. You can find them often used in France and Italy for bars, wash saloons, restaurants or gas stations. Does any body knows if there already exists a digital version of it. Or something quite similar? – thx in advance for support.
Alexander Colby

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FYI: Foto0024.jpg is not the same typeface as the others. As for the rest, the typeface is probably proprietary to the vinyl letter manufacturer: I don’t think that any self-respecting type designer would claim it as his or her own…'s picture

... true the Foto0024.jpg is not a great example, but even here you can find the three letters »Z«, »H« and »U« which are from the typeface I'm looking for.
Also you think it would may be self-disrespecting to do so, but would it be legal to digitalize this typeface even if it's proprietary to the vinyl letter manufacturer?

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