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Hi, I´m wondering about using images of type in books/magazines.
I´m thinking of making a book on type, but I´m not sure to what extent I can include images and/or type specimens of contemporary type (living designers). Do I have to ask every designer for permission first?
Does anyone knows about the copyright in this concern? Thank you..!

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Typefaces in the US cannot be copyrighted, so it is highly unlikely you would have a problem. Typefaces can, however, receive a design patent but protection under that would only come into play if you were making fonts and making them available to the public.

You might, if you so wish and have the time to do so, notify the designer that you are including it in the book but it is highly unlikely you need to.

All that being said, I am not a lawyer.

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A rendering of a font is not the font. There can't remotely be any copyright issues.

Now, some EULAs do place usage restrictions - but that's rare. And unless your publication is something like "The Crappiest Fonts of the Past Decade" they're gonna to play along real nice like.

The thing is, practically speaking the way this sort of thing often works is that you get the sample setting from the foundry. So: no need to actually have the fonts (gets very expensive very fast); implicit permission; and less work for you.

I think a good person to ask for more advice is our very own Stephen Coles.

BTW, what's going to make your book special?


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Thanks for the input gentlemen. I´d rather keep the contents to myself at this stage, but if it´ll be reality, it´ll be no me-too, dumb showcase book I can assure you!

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Which means you should consider including stuff from The MicroFoundry... :-> Just don't judge it by the lame website. :-/


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