Switching light to medium, and medium to bold

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I really don't know that much about fonts, and am only a user, but I was wondering if someone could help me out. I Recently installed the light and medium version of a font, and when I switch to that font family in my word processor, it defaults to the medium layout. However, I want to use the light version in stead of the medium and the medium as the bold. Is there a way to edit the font files (they're in OTF format) so that the light and medium are viewed as medium and bold?
Thank you!

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You failed to mention a few critical details - such as:
The fonts in question - their names and source.
The word processor you're using
The Operating system you're using.

It is a very poor idea to change those names, even if you could. Particularly if what you have are two members of a larger family that already has regular and bold versions. You would make both your fonts and your documents incompatible with any other operating environment. (For instance, if you changed 'Medium' to 'Bold' and your document was read on a system that already had the PROPER 'Bold' version, the user of that system would see the BOLD font instead of your intended MEDIUM font.

In general, changing the internal font names requires a few things:
1) Permission from the vendor/foundry/source. This may or may not be specified in the EULA.
2) An appopriate program that is capable of changing those names and styles etc.
3) Knowledge of how the multiple font name fields and flags in a font interact with each other and with other members of the same family. And what you do might have to be different depending on the OS and applications involved.

There are differences in the ways that font families, names and styles are used and displayed on menus by Apple and Microsoft Operating Systems and by Microsoft and Adobe applications.

- Herb

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And if you do modify a font (whether the EULA allows it or not*) make dead sure it doesn't leave your drive. If you get caught, be prepared to pay for it.

* BTW I'm personally OK with violating a no-mod clause.


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