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MyFonts - In Your Face - September 2004

See the newsletter as its meant to be seen - in a web browser: -

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New fonts and look at

Hi, browse by and see the new shareware fonts Junkfool and Monkey Pants! And, there's more: the entire site has been updated into a smooth and clean (but still...

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EULA abstract Wiki

For those who are interested in discussing and working on the content for an EULA abstract (as follow up on the TypeCon meeting and prelude to the ATypI meeting) we have started a Wiki at ...

On July 9, 2004, the TypeOff collective officially launched the website Initially published solely in German, TypeOff uploaded a...

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LinoLetter 08/04 - Calligraphy for Print

============================================================ LinoLetter 08/04 - Calligraphy for Print ============================================================ ! Welcome...

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Kenn Munk releases 'Influenza'.

Influenza, whose name means 'the flu' in a number of languages, is a fat, single weight typeface. It's a bastard typeface, each character stands alone as an independent angular structure....

============================================================ Linotype Press Release - Sabon Next ============================================================ Linotype...

WILMINGTON, Mass. and SALFORDS, Surrey, England, Aug. 16, 2004

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Max Kisman day at Union Fonts

Union Fonts have declared today Max Kisman day, and are giving any customer who purchases a Kisman font a free signed poster. You can see the posters here :

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New Font release: Ovallique by Joe VanDerBos

Ovallique I'm pleased to announce my latest font release: Ovallique. It's a sans serif in 3 weights. I think...

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Ferox drawing on ebay

Just trying out selling stuff on ebay. So as a test, I'm selling one of my original drawings for my Ferox typeface.

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Charles Braman, 1938-2004

Charles Braman, lettering artist and typeface designer, passed away on August 7. He worked for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for 26 years, retiring in 2002. His greatest talent was the design of...

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Letterpress Instruction at Archetype Press

This fall, through Art Center at Night, I will begin offering a course titled Digital Letterpress. This will be held at Archetype Press from its new location at Art Center College of Design's new...

Veer has just posted the trailer for my new movie, Etched in Stone, to which many trusting Typophiles lent their names (a few can be seen in...

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Make Ready: A Letterpress Blog

I am pleased to announce Make Ready, a resource for letterpress printers [et al]. Make Ready is a journal featuring news and observations on letterpress, book arts, design, and typography - slightly...

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Blambot News - Aug. 2004


Grab yer ticket to the biggest event of the year with the new County Fair Picnic Font Set has come to town! Complete with over 12 blue ribbon award winning retro fonts! This font set captures the...

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Jerome Turner launches Knuckle Font

Designer and writer, Jerome Turner, launches Knuckle Font - 36 glyphs, each one generated from the same image of a knuckleduster. You can download a 'font package' from his site, containing...

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Retro hotel font from Union

Union Fonts have exclusively released a new typeface by South American designer Jorge Alderete. Saratoga, is a curly typeface inspired by lettering on the now demolished Saratoga Hotel in...

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Closure of FinePressBook

Paul Romaine and I are closing the FinePressBook Yahoo group site by September 1, 2004. If you currently are linked to this site, please remove the bookmark from your list or website. The...

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Press Release

Hello, I just wanted to let it be known that I've released a couple of the bitmap families I've created (and received terrific feedback for in the critique section of Typophile) over...

============================================================ LinoLetter 07/04 - Celebrating the ITDC winner fonts ============================================================ ...

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The Science of Word Recognition

...or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bouma. Kevin Larson's complete paper (edited version appears in latest Eye) has been posted here...

Old story, dating back 1974, but NOW it is very urgent

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