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P22 & Sherwood introduce Spooky

For Immediate Release:
Buffalo, NY- October 6th, 2009

P22 Type Foundry and the Sherwood Collection introduce Spooky by Ted

Spooky is a chilling font that is evocative of the type used in horror
films and posters. It's creepy, it's's spooky. Perfect for
invitations, banners or other ghastly uses.
Introductory offer through October 31st.
For the month of October, P22 Spooky is also available in a special
Halloween pack with two sets of must have ornaments from P22- LTC Halloween
Ornaments and P22 Posada Extras. For more information:

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Sudtipos :: October releases

Sudtipos is proud to announce the release of two really different new fonts. Ricotta, a fresh new ingredient for your packaging designs and Cascabel, a modular modern font with multiples alternates.

About Ricotta

Design Led by Long-Time Employee and Type Designer, Robin Nicholas

WOBURN, Mass., Oct. 6, 2009 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the 20-font Ysobel™ Pro typeface suite. All Ysobel fonts can be viewed, purchased and downloaded from the company’s e-commerce sites:,, and

Monotype Imaging Enhances its iType Font Engine
and WorldType Layout Engine for Consumer Electronics Devices

OEMs Benefit with Improved Speed, Memory Handling and Enhanced Support for Key Industry Specifications

WOBURN, Mass., Sept. XX, 2009 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has announced the releases of version 4.3 of its iType® scalable font engine and version 3.2 of its WorldType® Layout Engine. These latest releases build upon capabilities designed to ease the ability for manufacturers and developers of consumer electronics devices, such as mobile phones, digital televisions and set-top boxes, to adopt scalable fonts that display text with consistency, clarity and style.

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Optimo releases Theinhardt

Theinhardt Optimo is a classic Grotesk typeface designed by François Rappo. It is named after Ferdinand Theinhardt, a punchcutter and type designer (Halle 1820–Berlin 1909), whose radical design approach led to the contemporary modern sans-serifs.

François Rappo developped the Theinhardt family after researching the DNA of Grotesks from the early 20th century to design an optically optimized contemporary font family organized in a wide range of weights.

Released in OpenType format only, it features extended latin character set, tabular and proportional figures, contextual and stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms and arrows.

Download the Theinhardt Specimen pdf

Monotype Imaging has put together a series of three brief (five question) surveys regarding the ITC, Linotype and Monotype brands. We invite you to take one or all of the surveys. We truly value your opinion and appreciate your support in telling us what you think.

ITC survey

Monotype survey

Linotype survey

Finding the best way to implement type on the web is no simple task. The options for good-looking, functional online fonts are limited, and issues of licensing are complicated. But as more and more design is created for the web, the importance of great type online—and the need for it—is only growing.

In this presentation, type designer Christian Schwartz will address the pressing problem of type for the web. He’ll look at the pros and cons of the different ways to implement non-standard type choices on the web, and discuss why @font-face still isn’t ready for prime time. And he’ll offer a peek at the future of type on the web.

To register to attend this presentation, follow this link:

New Options Cater to Non-Professional, Creative Markets such as Home Users and Scrapbook Enthusiasts

Monotype Imaging has introduced low-cost font options available from the company’s e-commerce site. The NicePrice Font Collection and Font Deal of the Day program target home users, scrapbook enthusiasts, arts and crafts aficionados, school teachers, students, church volunteers, non-professional designers, small businesses and individuals seeking high-quality, low-cost fonts to meet any typographic need.

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TDC — The Night of the Italians

The Type Directors Club is proud to present:

The Night of the Italians

Thursday, October 15 at 6:00pm — 9:oopm

Panel discussion moderated by Paola Antonelli
Louise Fili, Louise Fili Inc. (
Francesco Cavalli, LeftLoft (
Massimo Vignelli, Vignelli Associates (
Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design (

SVA Theatre 333 West 23 Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

TDC Member: $15
Non Member Students: $20 (with proper id)
Non Members: $25

To register please email or call 1-212-633-8943

Organon comprises two distinctive new families from type designer Nick Cooke, Organon Sans & Organon Serif, released through his G-Type foundry and distributed by Fontworks UK Ltd (

Cooke's six weight Organon Sans & Serif typefaces complement eachother wonderfully to create an elegant, legible and thoughtfully designed suite of fonts. Tapered stems give the Organon OpenType fonts an attractively robust appearance.

All fonts contain 4 sets of numerals (lining, old-style, proportional, tabular) plus Small Caps, ligatures, discretionary ligatures and CE language support. In addition the Sans versions contain extra OT style sets with alternate lower case y, infant a, and double decker g.

Organon is available from Fontworks UK Ltd and online at

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Grafika: A New Release from Alphabet Soup

Grafika is a completely original design, done in an “Art Deco” spirit reminiscent of the 1920s and ‘30s. I designed Grafika many years ago to be typeset for title cards, and both opening and end credits for the Merchant/Ivory feature film “Savages”. After the film's run, the design languished in my archives until recently when I rediscoved it. I have digitally redrawn Grafika, completing it with all the altenates, ligatures, math, foreign accented characters and punctuation that weren’t required of the original design for film. For more info and perspective on Grafica, read my BLOG posting or download the Grafica PDF Brochure.

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Semilla released by Sudtipos


Sudtipos is proud to announce the release of Semilla

Download the PDF Specimen "The top ten albums by Semilla Records"

About Semilla

Inspired by the work of mid-century German lettering artist Bentele. Semilla means seed in Spanish. And the work of Bentele served as the germ from whence this new font has emerged.

Elk Grove Village, IL -- September 8, 2009 -- Ascender Corporation, Carter & Cone and The Font Bureau, Inc. announced today that they are working on a project in conjunction with Microsoft to extend the Georgia and Verdana typeface families. This project began more than a year ago, and the first of the new typefaces are expected during the first quarter of 2010.

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FF Kava - A Casual Sans With Extra Flavour

FF Kava vs FF Kaffeesatz

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Huffer Pro from P22 Type Foundry

For Immediate Release:
Buffalo, NY- September 1st, 2009

P22 proudly announces Huffer Pro, a new font designed by Terry Wudenbachs
for the International House of Fonts.

Huffer is a chunky and irregular sans-serif font (with a few serifs) that
simulates the look of letters crudely cut out of paper. The basic letters
were originally inspired by an early 1970s instructional filmstrip dealing
with the dangers of glue sniffing. Further inspiration came from other
sources of 1960s display lettering. The lower case is almost as tall as the
upper case allowing for a mix and match between cases to achieve a more
lively display effect. Huffer Pro includes ligatures and Cyrillic and
Central European character sets with a total of over 500 glyphs.

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Indento released at MyFonts

Indento is a multi-purpose modern geometric slab serif for headlines, posters, branding but fairly legible to be used as longer text. The straight and rounded corners combined with deep cuts and asymmetric serifs gives it a distinctive look while still keeping its rigorousness and legibility.

The family consist of three weights, each with a companying italic. The extensive character set—513 glyphs in each font—includes support for Central and Eastern European languages and OpenType features like small caps, ligatures, fractions, slashed zero, stylistic alternates and more. See PDF specimen.

Available for purchase at MyFonts. Make sure you try the free bold version.

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FF Dagny - A Swedish "New Day"

Extensive annotations on a correction sheet during the development of DN Grotesk.

Elk Grove Village, IL – August 20, 2009 – Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, is pleased to announce, a new website focusing on the design & typographic legacy of Frederic W. Goudy and Bertha S. Goudy.

From 1896 to 1944 Frederic W. Goudy designed over 100 typefaces, many of them considered to be classics. He was also a noted author, designer, typographer, printer and publisher. Bertha Goudy established herself as an expert typesetter and after her death in 1935 was referred to as the First Lady of Printing. Fred and Bertha Goudy left an indelible mark in American type and typography.

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Just found a new online database of hand painted lettering from around the world, pretty nice, still beta though, check it out http://www/

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FF Unit Slab · The No-Nonsense Slab Serif

Punchcut and AIGA Portland are proud to present the premier of the Typophile Film Festival 5, taking place on the final night of Design à Trois in Portland, Oregon on August 27th 2009.

The Typophile Film Fest 5 is a one hour selection of typographic films hailing from all over the world including Argentina, The Netherlands, Russia and the United States. The films vary in subject matter and style; creating a dynamic presentation of motion design, typographic animation, short stories, documentaries and interviews.

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P22 Releases Coda & Mai

For Immediate Release:
Buffalo, NY- August 7th, 2009

P22 proudly announces two new fonts, Coda and Mai, from Norwegian type
designer Torleiv Sverdrup for the International House of Fonts.

The Coda Family is a simple but decorative and controlled sans serif
design. Coda literally means tale (Italian, from latin cauda) and refers to
the way the letters h, m and n stretch below the writing line towards the
end of a sentence or before a final stop. Coda Pro is an elegant and
contemporary font suited for display purposes.

The Mai Family is a new transitional antiqua that features ligatures, Small
Caps and full Central European support. Mai's classic design is understated
enough to be used for long running text applications yet includes unique

Elk Grove Village, IL – August 5, 2009 – Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, today announced an agreement with Letraset to distribute the renowned Fontek Digital Typeface collection. There are over 350 Letraset fonts, and all available for immediate download with a workstation license from the font store, and for OEM/ISV companies to license from the website. Ascender also offers licenses for servers and web-based applications.

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Poleno is a custom typeface originally designed in 2006 for the Slovak folk dance ensemble Poleno, as a part of their corporate identity. Ever since, new weights have been added to complete six variables and two different options for accents.
The typeface adds a fresh, bold and non-rational feeling to headlines and titles in books and posters in display sizes where emphasis and detail are equally important.
Randomly-generated contextual alternates included in the family contribute to add a distinctive look to words with repeating characters, whenever they occur next to each other.

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