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Heavy Sans Serif

Can't seem to find the exact match on this heavy sans serif font. Thanks for the help!

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Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my font, but it seemed the right choice. I developed two variants. In the regular one, glyphs connect to each other only in specific locations. In the C(onnected even more) version, some connections were added, some possible ones were still left out, though (like the /o), because I didn't want to mess with it and wanted to maintain a more natural flow iynwim. (And for another reason, I don't have the right tools to implement OpenType goodies and all). And the excuse for keeping some letters separated that I came up with for myself was that this way it looked more alien, rugged and original.

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Local liquor company (logotype)

There is a typography that is equal to this this this logo (I mean the part that has "Erta Bae")? At least, one that is close to this...
Thank you!

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Blackletter in a 1933 British book

The book was "Printed In Great Britain By The Edinburgh Press, Edinburgh."

This is the only use of this font in the book. As one might imagine, it is from the dedication page.

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Unique serif with a lovely K

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Hi! I've been working on a face with as little white space as possible while keeping both the stroke width and the white space width constant. What do you think of the result?

typogrid is a smart tool for typographers and graphic designers helps them to create typography letters and pixel arts based on the grids system.

In 2011, I developed the first version of this web application under "Square Kufi / Kufi Murabba" name. The concept of the app was to help users create one kind of arabic calligraphy which is Square Kufi using pen and eraser tools.

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Welcome world

I have tried to match this font and the closest I have got is 'Hiragino Kaku Gothic Standard' with the slight curves cut off and a bit of distressing.

Hope you can help. Thanks in advance

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I'm looking for this font, already tried WhatFontIs and WhatTheFont, the closest I could get was Aphrodite Pro, but it's not exactly the same.
It would be awesome if somebody could help me with that.

This is part of a Logo I helped design back in 2009 for friends. Now they want to update / change and I'd really appreciate finding that Font again. The logo itself has about 50% oversize (taller b/l/t stems) but not remembering exactly how much I added, the current example may or may not match the original font proportions.

My best guesses so far (using various online type-Id services)

ITC Bauhaus (by Benguiat; open types, logo has closed types; t has a tail, logo has straight bar)
Bryant Pro Alternate (by Eric Olson; not slanted e crossbar, closest match so far)
Kabel (by Linotype, two-storey a, t with tail)

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Any clues

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Any ideas guys?

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Digital form or actual font? any ideas?

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Beautiful Numbers


I am looking desperately for that precious font. Thanks in advance.

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Western slab/woodtype.

Hello. Anybody know this one? I've found several like it but the giveaways are the R and M. Thanks!

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Please help me to identify the font


A iPhone font question..

Is there any way that I can use / install my font (still a project) on my iPhone so I can use it with the apps, so I can test out ideas for apps that has text editing etc?

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