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Abbott Miller book cover

Hello! What's this lovely sans?

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So glad...

... removed most of my posts from this forum.

Hello all,

I found this image in an old french book of lettres. I was wondering if it could be desaturated and made into a font somehow. I do not have the resources or the know-how to do this. If you're able to do this and don't mind, I'd be very appreciative if you could send me over the .otf or .ttf file.


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Sprite Fonts Retro ID

What are any of these fonts? They're all beautiful, so if anyone knows any I'd be super grateful. Thanks.

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What font is this?

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Script Font?

Any idea? Thank you!

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Font with c that looks like a horseshoe

Trying to id the font in the header that reads "Chattanooga Cheesecake" - It has the c that looks somewhat like a horseshoe...

Thanks in advance.

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Serif Typeface from a 90's Vinyl Label

Thanks in advance!

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SEAFARERS - Serif, Stencil ??

Does anyone recognise this typeface or is it a serif thats been made to look like a stencil?

Many thanks!

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"You work with them" font

What is this font?

Signal BQ
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Chicago all caps typeface

What font is this?

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contemporary handtooled

These numbers come with Risotto Script Extras, but Risotto Script is a script face, not handtooled serif like the numerals. Any ideas for a font that matches? Hard to tell in image, but the numbers have horizontal lines within the form. Thanks in advance!

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Round Sans Serif

I spent about 3 hours trying to find this font, but failed. I need help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Does anyone have a suggestion for a good sans serif font to pair with IM Fell? Overall look I'm going for is a bit of an old worldish feel. Thanks!

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Another crack at a tricky font

This one has been evasive. If any of you experts can offer an exact match, I would appreciate it :)

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Retro font with sharp edges?

I have a client that wants both these fonts in their logo design. I have searched my library and can not for the life of me find a "B" that has the triangular middles. Can someone help me out please?

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Blue note Cover Sans serif

Hello Tyophiles.

I have tried (and failed) to identify the two sans serifs on this Bluenote cover

the typeface used for the artists names seems similar to Trade or Franklin gothic – but the "G" is clearly different

I can't find any match for the the fat bold type..

Many thanks!


I've just released Madre Script


Marconi Lima | TpF

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interior business font

Font used for a business that needs more things in the same style but doesn't know what font was used.
I think the "i"'s might be a 1.

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