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I started working on this some time ago. Since I got quite a few of the lowercase character draws already in digital form, I really need some feedback on the overall characters I got and also on its stroke variations. I'm not sure if I still wanna keep the subtle "uplift" I got goin on the character "o", but it was the starting point for all the remaining character's curves.
Anyway, what suggestions do you got?

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Looks good. Can you set some text for us?

Some comments:
c: terminals too angled. Either a more gentle curve, or more flat. Flipping the *a* will not do.

r: angled terminal is out of character. Should be flat. Also, differentiate from the n. The r shouldn't be an amputated n.

o: to much angled stress for my taste. seems out of character.

q: I'd give it the spike. You're going modular, why stop there?

x: shift the bottom left leg to the left slightly. (the whole thing, not just the end)

y: less gradual hook on the tail.

proportion: a modularly constructed design is good, but you have to know where to break out. One place is proportion. m shouldn't = n+n it should be narrower. bdpq shouldn't be the same with as nhu etc. u should be a little wider than n. This is all with a grain of salt. It will add more *polish* to the look. If uber-constructed is what you're going for, ignore.

Great job BTW on achieving a monoline look by tapering the horizontals.


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Thanks so much for the detailed answer Randy.
I'm still rather new to drawing an entire typeface, so you must know how helpful all these comments are.
Anyway, being that english isn't my main language I'm rather rusty on some more specific terms.

c: I do agree with you here. It came out with such angled terminals mostly cause I was trying to keep the "o" curves. Anyway I'll review it.

r: Yeah, you're right. Should I tweak it so that its terminal ends up vertical, similar to the lower case "L", but a little bit longer?

o: True, Im not that satisfied with the "o". I still wanna keep the angled stress on it, but I'll probably try a very subtle one. As it is now its clearly not working well with some of the characters.

x: only the left bottom leg? or should I move the right bottom leg a little bit to the right aswell?

And what do you mean with "tapering the horizontals" ?

I'll post some "words" later on as soon as I start digitalizing some of the upper case characters after I get all the lower case ones fixed and ready to go. :)

Best Regards

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English isn’t my main language I’m rather rusty
You are doing great!

r: see the following link:

x: see this thread for the reason (it is trick of the eye):

“tapering the horizontals”
Now my english is rusty :-) It is another trick of the eye. If you draw a +, the — should be a little thinner than the | to look the same thickness. The same is true in a typeface that is "monoline." all the horizontal parts need to be a little thinner. Your font does this very well!


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This is very interesting!

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