Here are more images showing composition sticks, type cast slugs, matrices, and press views showing the workings of the R.Hoe & Co. handpress, rods and springs, toggle, bar and platen. The three composings ticks are a standard hand setting stick, a straight Ludlow roman stick and a centering stick. Views of the centering stick with matrices show casting side and top of Eusebius open 36 point brass mats. More to come.

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Please note

To view large images without scroll, do control click to view image and the image will appear full in window.

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The Press at Deerbrook

This a turn of the century R. Hoe cast iron press approx. 22 by 29 platen with a rack and pinion instead of a rounce , and the platen has been thickened for rigidity making it quite strong and reliable. The Cincinnati pres I worked on, in the attachment, an earlier model had a thin platen with large fin braces could still print a large folio the size of a sheet of Roma handmade laid.
Also attached are some cases of hand type from the bank, galleys, and a form.
The sideways galley has Ludlow lines in it. I'll correct it at some point.
Please note; you can control click on large images to open in a new widow if need be.

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Ludlow composing sticks

Here are some sticks showing matrices in line and a specimen sheet, not sure if it will appear large enough, but will scan anew if need be.
The fun in the Ludlow is the setting or composing is much like setting cast type or foundry type by hand in a composing stick. one gets to adjust word space and some letter space and ligature mats are available as well as some swash.

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EUnity typeface

Europe is in a crisis! Countries are in doubt. How much power do we lend to the European Union? What is the value of the Euro? Do we have to suffer for other countries problems? What if we step out of the EU, and just fend for ourselfs?!

It's a crisis indeed, in which there are alot of short term visions and 'solutions'. Surely you can just drop out, but what about the future? Europe must remember that we are not the only economy around. You can fend for yourself for a while but in the end you must compete with future big economic powers like China, India and South America.

What Europe needs to survive on a long term is a solid platform. A strong network with clear guidelines that stimulates trading, but with the countries remaining their own seperate identity.

BAT - Instant from BAT Foundry on Vimeo.

A short video providing the rationale and design thinking behind Instant, a new typeface at Bureau des affaires typographique ( designed by Jérôme Knebusch.

Hat tip to Dan Reynolds (@typeoff) for the link.

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Working Ludlow

Although looked down upon as not being for book work there are several faces designed for the Ludlow that are quite usable for books.
Until I can make a scan of them I'll name them: Eusebius, Goudy, Garamond, and Stellar. There may be a few others but these are ones that I chose based on their typographic merits. Stellar is a sans serif type that is quite nice for its weight and balance.

“The Complete Engraver” is now up on Mohawk Fine Paper's Felt & Wire:

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Escrita no pavimento

Niels Shoe Meulman nasceu a 25 de Setembro de 1967 em Amesterdão . É um artista visual, grafiteiro, designer gráfico e diretor de arte. Alguns dos seus projetos estão em exposição permanente no Museu Stedelijk de Amesterdão e no  Museum of Modern Art, bem como em imensas colecções privadas um pouco por todo o mundo.

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About 2 and a bunch of other stuff

I am having a one-man show at a small local gallery in October.

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New Blogg on Typography

Check out my brand new blogg incl: Baby Teeth, Swedish handwriting reform and Black Letters. Sometimes in english sometimes in Swedish.

FF SCUBA, a readable contemporary sans, designed by Felix Braden @floodfonts, is now available at Fontshop. FF SCUBA instantly conquered Fontshop's most popular font charts! Download the complete FF SCUBA type specimen as a PDF file at Floodfonts

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Love the Typeface on 'The We and I'

Anyone have any clue what the as to what the display font is?

Smashing Magazine tells the story of a bitter rivalry between two foundries, and goes on to ask the question, "What is plagiarism?"

Note the cameo quote pulled from Typophile from our own Nick Shinn. Nice job, Nick!

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Kalimera Mellon

In conjunction with the exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City, Ellen Lupton of the National Design Museum and Cara DiEdwardo of the Cooper Union will moderate a panel of type designers discussing the problems they have tackled.

I am pleased that my font Williams Caslon Text is one of those in the exhibition, and I will be one of the panel discussing Wicked Problems in Type Design on June 18 at the the Rose Auditorium of Cooper Union. The others speaking will be: Philippe Apeloig, Hubert Jocham, Henrik Kubel, Jeremy Mickel, and Jesse Ragan.

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my new website

Just wanted to tell everybody that may new and humble website is up and running. Aloha Gert wiescher

Anyone know the name of this font?

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glad to be here and this is my first post

glad to be here and become one part of this great community
I input this from my iPad and sorry for the short post

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Reo - a Two-Layer Grinning Grille


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Help needed!

I hope this works..
Could someone please help me out with finding this font?
Would be forever grateful! :)



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