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* Sandy

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I can't find this font too

Help find this font please


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I can't find this font.

Please, help me find this font.


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Typo SF conference 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.

I've applied to volunteer at Typo SF, so I'll probably get to meet some of you at the early check-in or maybe some other time. See you there.

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My Type of Music: Worst Album Covers

In case you missed it a few days ago, Yves Peters broke down the typography of some of the worst album covers of all time.

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Help To Identify Font For Attached File

Dear everyone, I have had no luck finding the font or similar font for the attached file. Thanks for your help!

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Is there anyone know this font or similar font?

Dear all,

I have been searching for this font which shows on the image attached (Loy Krathong) but I could not find it. Is there anyone this font or something similar? Thank you and thank you.

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Elle Decoration UK

What is the primary serif used at ELLE DECORATION UK? Help please.

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Trying to find this font

Can anyone help me identify it. I think its been altered slightly but any ideas what the original font might be?


I am writing to ask anyone interested in engraving, and those who participate in "social media" to help spread the word about my new kickstarter project to fund the West Coast book tour for The Complete Engraver.

The rewards are pretty juicy:

- Jessica Hische's new font, Minot (Jessica's a young, hot design diva)
- Be a member of the VIP team for the engraving day at the International Printing History Museum in carson, CA
- Beta test and be the first 5 to get the new engraving app being developed
- Get the first ever engraving app we are developing after in launches
- Engraved, custom monogram notes.

The two fonts developed by Monotype based on old engraver's lettering styles were given honorable mention on Stephen Coles'

JMC and Feldman Engraver are based on Masterplate styles from the American stationery engraver's industry, and were developed by Steve Matteson and Terrance Weinzeirl, of Monotype. Go team!

Both fonts are FREE!

These fonts were made possible for the launch of The Complete Engraver by this writer.

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What are the name of fonts

What are the name of fonts used in this logo, please help me if you know it.

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Opinions needed: Letterpress t-shirt

My venture TypographyShop is reprinting our "Letterpress" tee, which has been a minor hit in the lead community. The current design is on the woman in the image below.

A purist pointed out however, that the copy block should be upside down, as it's done when type is hand set. Do you feel we should offer that as an option as in the mock up on the male below?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Trying to recreate....

I am trying to recreate a logo but am unable to identify this font. Any guesses?

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Please Identify this font

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Loving this font but need help.

Would really love help with finding this font.

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Exhibition of my Work at Convergence Gallery

Saturday, March 16, 2013
1801 N Quaker Lane Alexandria, VA 22302

Convergence - A Creative Community

A fundraising concert will be at Convergence in Alexandria, VA. Proceeds go to help the 7 Sopranos® perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in October. Come join the 7 Sopranos® for an evening of music, art and champagne!
Ruth Locker, my wife, is the Pianist and will accompany the 7 Sopranos® concert

Enjoy the performance, take a sip of champagne during the intermission and experience the artwork of Chris Lozos. Free admission, but donations are accepted. Donations will go toward supporting Convergence and help 7 Sopranos® get one step closer to Carnegie Hall!

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Please identify this font.


Can anyone please tell me what font is being used here for the headline? thanks!

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