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"By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

Posted 42 minutes ago

A group of high-profile celebrities in London have joined a campaign calling for an end to Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Singer Annie Lennox led a press conference stating that the television footage of the attacks in Gaza had left her shaken to the core."

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Check this out keeds!

Groovy custom script sign.

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Jabberwub wants Y O U !


I'm about to release a new font and I need samples made to use as gallery images on the font's page at Myfonts when the thing goes online next week.

I want groovy, hip, artful uses of this new thing called j a b b e r w u b. You have to have very good color sense and loads of taste. I want very realistic uses that look like fully developed advertising comps. Mmkay? Things like soft drink packaging and brand collateral you would see in a magazine or on a billboard, poster ads and so on, and so forth, etcetera.

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Jiggle my Budmo for I have seen the light

One my flickr contacts, Lounge Listener, has posted pictures of a groovy neon and incandescent bulb script sign. Now isn't that just sweet and gorgeous?

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In memory of George Baskerville

British crime author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named his story The Hound of the Baskervilles after his compatriot John Baskerville's well-known and much-venerated typeface. In my current photo op, Boroondara Kew Cemetery, last week I stumbled across what looks to be the grave of a Baskerville who lived in the late 19th century, one George Baskerville.

I plan to go back this week and take loads more pix of George Baskervile's fallen tombstone. Many thanks to flickr pal Tom Margie for noticing the name on the monument.

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Jimmy James reviews Helvetica

Sum up: On the Advice on establishing an Australian type club thread I said "the only interesting person in Helvetica is David Carson." That was overstating it. Carson isn't the only talking head worthy of your attention in Gary Hustwit's documentary on Max Meidinger's ubiquitous mid-century grotesk. Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere Jones give David Carson a decent run for his money. Hoefler in particular came across as we would expect such a type luminary to—articulate, lucid, quick-witted and well-informed. Frere Jones was more sober yet no less erudite or cultured than his partner. Matthew Carter was absorbing and informative.

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THE Observer's Book of Mad Roman Emperors

It's THE book, according to the title.
THE book of mad roman emperors.

As you can see this is a barking mad font I'm working on. Bar-bark, woof.

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Safe use of Comic Sans

This is an ideal use for Vincent Connare's marvellous creation.
Photoshopped or "live"? It doesn't matter. It's very funny and
that's all that counts.

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The assasination of Benazier Bhutto

This must be the single worst act of political violence we've seen this year. A beautiful woman shot in the neck by an assassin who then blew himself up, killing other 15 people. Pakistan has been thrown into dissarray, with ten dead in riots, and Al Quaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack.

1) If you were going to buy "loads and loads" of great OpenType fonts tomorrow, what style of fonts would you "most-like" to buy?
I don't mind as long as somebody else is paying.

2) Shouldn't we be making fonts that have animated characters? I mean, it's the bleeding 21st century, where are the "fully animated" script fonts that scrawl beautiful handwriting from the late eighteenth century, complete with ink effects, before your very eyes? How long will it take to develop the technology? How long will it take type designers to make one "fully animated" font, most-like?

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Magazine parodies at Something Awful

---They've been at it again, with mixed results--- Some of these are funny. For creators who aren't type savvy (compared to typophilers), the font choices are okay, occasionally hitting the nail square on the head.

---more magazine satire here---

Courtesy of Josh "Livestock" Boruff and www.somethingawful.com

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It's new, it's improved, it's old-fashioned, it finds that slipper that's been at large under the chaise lounge for several weeks. It's ---a text-going "cursified" version of Jellybrush--

I made a mistake setting up this special offer: you can get Jellybrush Italic "free" if you buy the volume package at 29% off, at $25 that's an equivelant saving of 50% off the single font packages.

---Click on purchase options to get the discount package---

Offer ends January 15th 2008

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Art fonts by Iza W & Paulo W

Iza W & Paulo W have made some of the more interesting art fonts around. Posing as Intellecta Design, the Brazillian pair claim to be the creators and owners of the largest typeface library in Latin America.

Check out their Top 17, or browse the collection of 117. Gorgeous, amazing stuff. Everything is very reasonably priced. Their Gans series is currently 50 pecent off!

It's that time of year again. October, and time to harvest the kern...um...corn. Wielding the sickle recalls the sage advice given by your father, "Trust everyone," he said, "but cut the corn!"

If only life were that simple.

By the time you got back to the farm house the children had taken over the town, exiled all grown-ups and declared, "Enough with corn! From now on we worship the Kern God!"

To commemorate the Children of the Kern this Halloween, I've slashed Sibyl Schwabacher to half price. Sale ends October 31st 2007.

So those two kiddies, they're closely kerned, right? And the little girl is holding a side bearing ;^)

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Interview with Jess Latham

Typodermic presents A conversation with Jess Latham and James Arbogahst --->

Many thanks to Jess, and to Ray Larabie for his generous hosting.


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Errors on Luc Devroye's site

I released a schwabacher font---Sibyl---and Luc has listed it on his website as a fraktur. Despite Sibyl's blurb describing in idetail its schwabacher caracteristics and lineage, and the font's Myfonts listing as a "schwabacher", and every google reference to it as "schwabacher". Also my Maus font is incorrectly described as "octagonal", which it isn't.

Luc, please list my Sibyl font correctly as a "schwabacher". Thankyou sir. Peace.

Edit: removed inflammatory opening statement

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Ode to Stephen Coles

They seek him here
They seek him there
Those Fonties seek him everywhere
Is he sizing up stems?
Or checking out bowls?
That genial, good-natured Stephen Coles

(after The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy)

Stewf the Cat
He's the coolest cat in fontdom
ID'ing fonts at the speed of light
No muffins can escape him
He's forever there when you need him
He's ever-ready when you call him
He gives so much yet asks so little!
Hail be to Stewf---coolest of font cats!

Next week---Stewf the Cat and the Typographers Who Practised Mind-Control.
The week after---Stewf the Cat and the New Typography Store.

Stay tuned...

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Drink Fonta sale

I'm having a sale. 30% off all fonts from Sentinel, from 1st August to 15th September 2007. Grab a license for Rhodaelian or Sibyl for just $17.50, and Primex is a steal at just ten bucks fifty!

j i m m y   c a t

"fonta", "typovesence", "the yo-yo cola company" and "Sentinel Type" are trademarks of James Arboghast (c) copyright 2007.

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Sibyl Schwabacher

No matter which way you look at it there simply aren't many fonts like this one. Sibyl is a beautiful inline schwabacher rich in structure and exquisitely detailed throughout.

Test drive Sibyl now at myfonts.com...

Sibyl is dynamite for branding & logos, food packaging, posters, printed apparel, music CDs and book covers. OpenType & TrueType complete with alternates and ligatures.

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