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Can anybody offer some advice?

I want to buy Elzevir - expensive but so good! I am not sure whether to buy the Book or Regular - can't buy both. The bookis slightly heavier, and apparently more akin to how regular would have looked during the days of foundry type.

The pdf shows both variants, both look excellent, and I just cannot make up my mind.

my use for it is for body text, letters, documents etc

Anyone have any thoughts!


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Apart from the various new features in Aldus Nova, being Opentype does it improve on Aldus in appearance?

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font mapping question

Can someone out there help?

I am a Windows person

In WordPerfect you have a quite sophisticated font mapping feature. This is very useful: some font packages are so designed that you dont get a true, say, italic, just by pressing ctrl i. You have to actually select the italic variant, which is very tiresome anf time consuming. An example of this is Zapf Renaissance.

In WP you can go to font mapping and select the font you want whenever you select italic etc. The process is thus automated.

Does such a process exist in Word of any vintage? I use 2003 if I have to use Word and have not found a similar feature


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my beef with Opentype

This development really should be called Closedtype. Unless you have some expensive design package, some very ordinary features, including smallcaps, of all things, are not accessible - in Word etc

Is this the way things are going??

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sabon next

Can I ask what folks think of this face? Compared to Sabon. And how very expensive it is!


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