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Sudtipos in use

We have a Sudtipos Page at Facebook where we share our lastest news and publish images of our fonts in use, etc. You are invited!

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Love, happiness and fonts

I wish you a merry xmas I wish you a merry xmas.... all the best,

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Calgary Script slideshow

I really like the Stampede slideshow that the Veer guys did for my Calgary Script font

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Since I was 20 (15 years ago) I am thinking about doing a tattoo over my skin. Veer's The Skinny blog received a amazing use of Burgues Script . Maybe some day I ll do the same. I have the fonts, now I need the courage!

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Feel Script slideshow

A pretty nice Slideshow was done by the creative people of Veer. Take a look.

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ATypI t-s 50th anniversary self picture

It was a real honour to be selected to design one of the 5 t-shirts to celebrate the 50 years of ATypI.
So, if you go to Brighton these year you could get one. I m not going but a mail package just arrived yesterday (thanks Petra).
I know it still needs iron but I ve not resisted to wear it :P

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My father's day gift

maThe last sunday was father's day in AArgentina and my son comes with a gift. A complete hand drawn alphabet to be digitized. The alphabet was in a A4 page. He is 11 years old.

(not sure why I can attavh but not insert image)

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