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...boy, do we need some sort of automated "flag as spam" button.

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Amusing icon?

If you put "Typography" at the head of your list of interests in Facebook, it generates this icon:

... the line break makes me chuckle every time I see it!

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As a bit of a cryptic crossword fan, I need to own the Chambers Dictionary. In September, I upgraded from an old edition to the latest (the 11th), and just today I noticed a little typographical feature they’ve introduced in this edition.

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Design hideousness

Ever clicked a link to some official document, expecting the usual dull tranche of Times and Arial, only to have your senses assaulted by a kaleidoscope of ghastly garishness?

Checking a list of references in an article about greenhouse gas emissions, I found myself confronted with this from those crazy cats at the International Energy Agency:

My eyes! My eyes!

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Now that's magic...

Ever seen a whole book set in Comic Sans?
Not a kids' book, twenty-four pages set in twenty-four point text, I mean a proper book.
The Royal Road to Card Magic, 2nd edn. I plucked a copy off the shelf of my local WHSmith, thinking to myself, "Is this title familiar because I've read about it somewhere, or just because I've seen it on this shelf before?", and opened it at random, as one does.
Maybe the great VC should have a quiet word with the publisher?

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Tempus fugit

Well, my account page says I've now been on Typophile for 4 years.
Where does the time go?

Over this time I've asked a few questions, suggested an answer or two, and entered a few of the design challenges (sometimes aquitting myself quite reasonably, at other times making a bit of a tit of myself).

It might be worth explaining at this point, as George Formby once said, why I'm here and what my motives are.

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