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I didn't know that Kelley Deal (Kim Deal's twin sister and guitarist for The Breeders), had made a font with the help of Chank Diesel!

It's called Saltwater, and it's available as a free download on her site.

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3*TYPE: The Future of Type

Ben Greenman, author and New Yorker editor, presents a revolutionary new print technology: 3*TYPE.

[Via UnBeige.]

Today's Gothamist has a great post about the NYPL's Rare Books Division, with plenty of drool-worthy images.

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Flickermood 2.0

Beautiful typographic animation by Sebastian Lange.

If you don't like Helvetica (the typeface), you should probably abstain from watching. ;-)

(Via Design Observer.)

I've been spending time on FontStruct again... :-)

This is a condensed Grecian face... Don't you just love wood type? Not to mention wood type specimens!

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Graffiti murals by Steve Powers

An article and slideshow in yesterday's New York Times.

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Bonset, my latest FontStruction

Bonset is my latest FontStruction (now that I have OS X at home, I am spending way too much time at FontStruct!).

My version deviates from van Doesburg's tight grid -- it's condensed, and I changed some of the glyphs. I also added a lowercase, and I'm slowly building up the diacritics, with the help of the Typo-cz website for the Central European characters.

So far, it's been a lot of fun!

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Rock Band Logos

An article about Joy Division's first album cover led me to another article called Top 10 Rock Band Logos.

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KERN zip-up story

Tonight I was at the Grassroots Tavern, a favorite watering hole in New York's East Village, when a fellow wearing a KERN zip-up walked up to the bar. Of course I noticed it, and said "Nice!," then promptly showed him my FontShop "SemiBold" t-shirt, which I happened to be wearing. He told me he now had a tech job, but had once done design at an agency. And then he said, "There were some art directors there who would see this and ask me what it meant!"

Sad but true.

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