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La nuova maglia della Nazionale: Italia

type/numbers by Dalton Maag Ltd - London

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officiale font dell'Italia

Absolutely the official font of Italy.

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passed her test after 33 years....

It took this woman 33 years to pass a UK car driving test.

I passed the written car test with 2 wrong out of 35 questions, and passed the practical driving test with only 4 marks, (mostly for not looking in the mirrors in the correct order or something) which is considered very good since if you get 17 marks you fail.

Passed my motorcycle with only 1 incorrect answer out of the 35. Let's see how the practical goes very soon....

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she blogs he shoots he scores

she's the 'lord of darkness' but she finally calls me 'THAT' Vincent....

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Bog to let

seems they are renting the toilets at Dalton Maag's building in Brixton south London.

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