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The wait is over, AFDKO 2.0 now available!

the announcement:!login=true

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V is for...

Vienna? no, Vendetta! a bit off topic, but just saw the move and thought it was fab. I'm not as much the font spotter in the theater as is our friend Mark Simonson, but i did notice gill sans in a couple places -- how very british of them! anyhoo, just thought i'd creat a space for typophiles to vent about Vendeta. (extra points for individuals who can recreate the lovely alliteration using the most instances of the letter v!) ;^P

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la la la la luxury!

well it's been "an elaborate hoax" for years, but it seems Luxury by Orange Italic is soon to be offered for sale from House. I came upon this tidbit of information when i was flipping through the Artist Proof limited edition catalog that i serendipitously received in my mailbox today. I'm interested in seeing how literally they keep with the story: will the set cost $1500? will the cd-rom be signed and numbered by the Vocabularistic Giant and the Unauthorized Biographer?

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i *heart* cheltenham!

well, since Bookman's already been done (twice this month). I may just have to devote my efforts to Cheltenham swash. or maybe I can find some lost version of Clearface swash...

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i *heart* bookman

yay! i just noticed on the veer site that Jason Walcott has done his own version of Bookman, complete with all the swashies! Too bad there's no OpenType version, tho. :'( I may have to do my own version yet.

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Lickable graphic design

Do you ever come across graphic deisgn that is so sexy and sumptuous you just want to lick it? I came across the website for the heads of state about a year ago when i was trying to teach myself some css. their wesite is so simple and beautiful, i just fell in love with its design. and then they have some beautifuly typographic rock posters for some of my favorite bands! i wish i could buy them all. i did buy one of those beauties and when it arrived i didn't want to lick it anymore. i wanted to enshrine it and hang it on the wall. it looks absolutely gorgeous in my small little apt above the p22 offices.

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besides type i am obsessed with food. imagine that. in fact i'm currently working of my first book project for myself it it is going to be a book of family recipes. quite appropriate, i'd say, bringing together food and type.
but all this isn't what i really wanted to talk about. i was at the grocery store the other day and noticed a new magazine by my favorite TV food personality, Rachael Ray. i just love magazines, but a few years back i was heart broken when my favorite design mag, One, was pulled after just one year's run. i'd be inconsolable if it happened again, so i'm sending out a plea for ya'll to check this one out, and if you feel so inclined, pick up a subscription so this one stays afloat and i won't be busted up.

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Ну штож!
I've been a Slavophile since i began taking Russian language classes in the 8th grade. I just love the culture: it is truly something that samples the best from its neigbors on the east as well as those from the west. I've been a typophile since right around the same time. I remember my mother purchasing a pack of fonts with (not our first) computer back about the same time I began taking Russian classes. I was fascinated with the little catalog of fonts and i've been inflicted with fontlust ever since.
It's no wonder that these two loves should intersect, but i'm afraid i've only been able to skim the surface of Russian type design. This is kind of funny to me because my full-on font design obsession was kick-started when my little bro asked me to write him a letter in Russian for a friend to translate for him and I started looking at cyrillic fonts. However, i was just looking at some free stuff.

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paul's handpicked

Thanks to the blog option, i can have my own handpicked threads. This one falls under the category of "hot topic" as in watch out for all the flames. And without further ado:

i must admit, a little heated discussion certainly makes for interesting reading. i'm just glad this one hasn't spiraled into the realm of personal insults. in between flares of personality, one can actually find an interesting line of discussion revisting topics including: the merits of revivals, interesting technological methods and the debate over the definition of "design." threads like this are the reason why i'd rather send my entertainment $$$ to typophile rather than the cable company.

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i love typophile. i really do. but sometimes it makes me more than a bit sad to see us attacking eachother on personal issues. i realize that type doesn't exist in a vacuum and that even type design is interconnected with languages, cultures, ideologies, politics, &c. Passion is what brings a lot of us to typophile--a passion for type. it would be ludicrus to expect that such passionate folks wouldn't be passionate about other things as well. likewise, it's unreasonable to to believe that we'll all see things the same way. this is what makes typophile so wonderful--to see the head-to-head comparison of ideologies concerning different aspects of type and type design.

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