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Christmas Break: The Projects That Ensue

So tomorrow is the last day of the fall semester and sometime in the evening I'll take my flight back home to Rancho Cucamonga, California to spend the break with my family.

This past week I have my hands on a copy of FontLab and am excited to get underway with my first chance at creating some typography. I've managed to dig up a huge 18x24 binder of graph paper that I never new what to use for until now.

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First Blog Post: A new found love for typography

So this is my first post as a user of and I'm excited about it. I'm an aspiring graphic design student in Ames, IA at Iowa State University. Sort of accidentally falling into all of this, I've happened to go to a fantastic school with an award winning design program.

Currently, I'm taking an introduction to typography course and doing some research, came across typophile and a number of other typography blogs and forums and am now developing an undiscovered passion for typographic design.

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